When lehengas take the role ruled by sarees

Everybody has been thinking about their ideal wedding attire for ages! After all, on the most important day of our life, nothing could possibly go wrong. Most women, however, frequently neglect to pay attention to the tiny things, even though they are the ones that significantly alter your bridal appearance. One such element that may make or break your overall appearance is your lehenga dupatta style.

While there are several lehenga dupatta style and draping options, you should pick the one that balances your outfit, flatters your figure the most, and is comfortable. Your dupatta’s material and colour are important, too. So, let’s have a look at the top lehenga dupatta style that we hand-picked just for you!

Draping Double Lehenga Dupatta Style: New Lehenga Dupatta Designs for the Bride on Her Big Day! POV: When you were ten years old, on a Sunday afternoon, you stole your mother’s dupatta to create the ideal ethnic dress for yourself. You wrapped the dupatta around your neck and left the house like a princess leaving the catwalk. We could not be the only ones who did that, right? We have been smitten with this wonderful fabric for ages, though! This part of the article is just for you if you happen to agree with us on this point. There is no reason why you shouldn’t go overboard on your wedding day and drape two of those lovely dupattas over your traditional bridal lehenga. Like double lehenga dupatta style, Single Lehenga Dupatta Style is also quite popular. These are frequently used for more intimate gatherings, although some brides opt to wear a single lehenga dupatta style on their wedding day.

Lehenga style saree draping

Have you ever debated between wearing a saree or a lehenga to an Indian wedding reception? If so, try a lehenga style saree draping instead! When deciding on this stunning combo, you can choose from a variety of lehenga style saree draping styles. The wedding season is in full bloom now that weddings have begun. The choice of the most fashionable, event-appropriate, and portable outfit becomes a challenge as women shop for the ideal ensemble for the upcoming wedding and demonstrate their fashion game. There are many traditional options to choose from in the modern period to make you look your best, but for most of the wedding season, lehengas and sarees are the most popular selections since they look equally regal, traditional, and imperial. But if you can’t decide whether to wear a saree or a lehenga, a lehenga style saree draping is the right choice. But what’s wonderful to see is how more and more women are choosing it over the conventional lehenga or saree only wedding looks. You don’t have to know how to fold a saree, how to form pleats, or how to pin it so that you don’t rip it or worse, leave holes in it. The key is to drape the dupatta to give the illusion that you are wearing a saree even if you are wearing a lehenga style saree draping. It may also be mistaken for a saree.

What is lehenga style saree draping?

However, if you still don’t fully understand what a lehenga style saree draping is, allow us to educate you on the subject. The saree in the lehenga style saree draping is a divided, partially stitched piece of clothing. The skirt is undoubtedly the most crucial component of the entire outfit because it is the part that truly helps one recognise that it is a lehenga style saree draping. A mermaid cut, an A-line cut, or a flared silhouette can all be created with a lehenga style saree draping. Whatever the style, the pleats embroidered into the skirt are a feature that cannot be overlooked. The pallu (also known as the duppata alone) of the garment is also sewn onto the skirt on one side of the garment, which can help you tell a lehenga style saree draping from a lehenga. Women can effortlessly drape it over their shoulders because the other side is left open. The blouse is frequently sewn as a choli rather than a saree blouse.

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