Synonyms for Financial Terms in a Dictionary

If you’re unsure of what to call your money, here are a few common terms pklikes that relate to it: Savings, Investments, Overdrafts, and Coinsurance. Keep these words in mind when looking for financial terms in a dictionary. Read on for more information on these terms. You may also be interested in reading up on terms such as “financial plan” or “financial plan.”

Money you have set aside in a secure place

Your savings account is a way of storing money for future needs and expenses. A savings account is an account where you set aside money each month to cover larger expenses. These accounts can be used for periodic expenses or to save for a special occasion. These accounts are often managed by an intermediary who makes payments to you on a regular basis. Other types of financial planning include drafting a will and appointing a power of attorney, reviewing life insurance policies, and making decisions about beneficiaries.


Some of the financial terms that are similar pklikes com login to investments are ethical investing, sustainable investing, and social investing. Socially and environmentally conscious investments are sometimes referred to as impact investments. While not all impact investments are profitable, the primary goal of impact investing is to benefit society as a whole. These types of investments are also known as impact investing funds. The following list explains the differences between these types of investments and the broader market.

Coinsurance in insurance

The term “coinsurance” can refer to the amount that a policyholder must pay, on top of his or her deductible, for a covered medical service. This payment is often expressed as a fixed percentage of the cost of the service. Coinsurance is similar to a “copay,” in which the policyholder pays a set dollar amount at the time of service. A coinsurance provision is sometimes included in property insurance policies, too.

When comparing the cost of a medical service, insurers will compare the cost to the coinsurance clause to determine the minimum amount the policyholder wikipous will be required to pay for a particular service. In other words, higher coinsurance means that the insurer will pay a larger portion of the cost than the insured. An example of this would be a 25,000-square-foot building that’s insured for 80%. In this example, the insured pays the remaining 20%.

Financial transactions

The word “transaction” is a term used postinghub to describe an action in business. A transaction can be made by a person or an organization. It can also refer to an important business deal, such as the buying and selling of goods or ideas. The word has roots in Latin, where the word originally means “to achieve or accomplish.” A later definition of the term came from the mid-15th century and explained the adjustment of a dispute.

Among financial transactions, the term “intermediary” refers to a financial institution or individual. The latter is a middleman who facilitates the flow of funds from one party to another. Whether a bank or an individual is involved in the financial process, the intermediary’s role is vital. Whether a financial institution or a private individual is involved, they act as a “middleman” between the borrower and seller.

Financial institution

If you’re looking for a synonym of the word “financial institution”, you’ve come to the right place. There are 35 alternatives for the term “financial institution.” These include: bank, investment bank, thrift institution, portfolio, and underwriter. Here’s a look at each of these words and the related meanings. You may be surprised to find how many of them you already know!


A financial institution is an organization newslookups that provides a marketplace for money and assets. A bank, for example, lends money to borrowers through its depositors. A financial institution does this because an individual would be unlikely to find qualified borrowers or have the knowledge to service the loan. An investment bank, on the other hand, seeks investors for a company’s stock or bond. A financial institution is an indispensable part of society.

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