Medical cannabis and anti-ageing medicine

Anti-ageing medicine with medical cannabis in Regenerative Medicine

“Because everyone wants to be healthy. and have a quality, long life.”

Medical Cannabis by Amarante clinic

Amarante clinic has expanded its medical services to cover health issues. By a specialist in preventive medicine and anti-ageing medicine. To encourage everyone to be healthy and have a long life with quality by using medical marijuana according to some valid and appropriate medical indications.

“Medical marijuana” is the use of cannabis or cannabis extracts. For medical purposes aimed at therapy to Cure the sickness and disease of the patient. For patients to have a better quality of life

“Anti-aging medicine” is a science that deals with reducing the deterioration of the body. Slow down the disease. Promote good health and quality of life. It is a science that is getting a lot of attention nowadays. And began to provide more health services in this area in Thailand. The current use of medical marijuana is getting a lot of attention. Especially in the anti-ageing medicine field because there is research both in the country and abroad. Learn about medical marijuana use. in patients with cancer, epilepsy, degenerative nerve endings, and difficult-to-treat skin diseases. Such as eczema. You can collect your medicine from CBD shop.

Medical cannabis for medicinal purposes since 2019.

Since then, various cannabis products have been developed, including traditional Thai medicine, applied to Thai medicine. And modern medicine. It is strictly controlled and supervised by the Ministry of Public Health. To prevent misuse, misuse and misuse leading to adverse effects on patients’ Prescribing, medical marijuana must be registered appropriately. Both services place prescribing physicians and medical marijuana certified by the FDA.

At Amarante Clinic, we provide scientifically accurate indications of medical marijuana. by the medical team who passed Training and registration legally.

Cannabis extract

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Marijuana contains many compounds called cannabinoids, mainly THC and CBD; first of all, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). It affects the nervous system. If too much is used, the effects on the body may occur. The second is CBD (CBD shop) a substance extracted from cannabis. But does not affect the nervous system (Non-psychoactive) and helps to relax.

Both of these substances are considered the main active ingredients of cannabis. That has been applied in the medical field by choosing which substance depends on the Diseases and symptoms of patients. In anti-ageing medicine, CBD shop is mainly used, with the development of medicines, cosmeceuticals, creams, and various skin care products.

CBD Extract (Cannabidiol)

CBD extracts in cannabis are already widely used in foreign countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and the UK. In beauty and anti-ageing circles, CBD is used as an ingredient in skincare, serums and skin creams due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to CBD in cannabis and hemp, it is also rich in vitamins A, D, and E and fatty acids that will help your skin look healthy. Emphasis on helping the skin to be more hydrated. It also contains antioxidants, the hallmark of anti-ageing, to help reduce wrinkles. And at the same time, creating relaxation. The skin is like being treated gently. Today’s consumers are starting to see CBD as an exciting alternative in the future.

How good is CBD extract?

CBD extract mainly works by reducing the inflammatory process in the body. It also contains antioxidants that are the hallmark of anti-ageing. To help in the reduction of wrinkles. And at the same time, relaxing the skin as well with the following properties:

It helps to solve dry skin problems and moisturize the skin.

It helps to solve dry skin problems, moisturize the skin

CBD extracts and other compounds from cannabis Are similar to avocado oil, olive oil, and other almond oils. That can be used to nourish the skin because it has good natural fatty acids, acts as a moisturizer, reduces skin dryness, and can also be used to treat skin diseases.

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