Knowledge of Bill of Quantities

Personal contractors Advantages The cost of building is lower. house building company because no operation fee is required

office worker fee Work Guarantee as well as income tax expenses, restrictions must have a clear design. If there is no model, there will be a problem, namely, poor quality work, the homeowner must have reasonable construction knowledge. and must look at building materials and be able to inspect subcontractors. There will be no guarantee for the work after completion. If you live and the problem arises, you need to hire the same contractor to fix it. additional cost

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Contractor company or home builder company

more reliable, have a definite source and does not require construction knowledge Just check the order is enough. Neat and quality work work is guaranteed After the construction is complete, there is no need for a model, the house builder will have a model to choose from. until new design as required


Hiring a house building company has higher construction costs and hiring a contractor because of the higher cost than service work, such as engineering control department Architect Drafting Sales department for permission to build on behalf of the homeowner Should have knowledge of materials, compare, each company has different standards. Can’t look at the low price alone.

*** Caution

  • In case of lack of knowledge and get a construction drawing to hire a contractor with no direct construction experience, may get a house of poor quality and the price may be higher Buy with seller Direct knockdown house
  • In the case of buying from a knock-down house operator, the quality will be according to the price, i.e. the higher the price, the better the quality. The price is lower, the quality is lower according to the price.
  • In the case of wanting quality with a cheap price Must have a model and do it yourself, that is, you have to buy building materials yourself. and hire contractors only for wages.. But in this way, you must have knowledge of Material selection and inspection
  • Knock-down house construction Most of them are not very detailed. Make a house-building guide knock. Down payment is important to help build quality. General technicians focus on wanting a construction drawing, but see that the building manual is not necessary because it has already been built.
  1. Information that homeowners and contractors should know

Homeowner vs Contractor


  • Want to get good quality work at a cheap price
  • The landlord has no knowledge of the price.
  • Contractors hit low and think high.
  • The owner of the house was kind to the contractor’s appraisal. High work and poor quality work
  • want to change the form of adding jobs
  • There are both additional payment and requests for free. In the event that there is no clear model (I think the contractor has Make a big profit and add a little for us, it’s okay)
  • The owner of the house does not know about the details of the work (Rate, if it is a detailed work, the wage will increase 1-1.5 times)
  • Pay less than the work or according to the work to reduce the problem of technicians leaving work.


  • The contractor asked to have profits to support his subordinates.
  • Have enough to have a profit. There is good quality and cheap price.
  • Want a lot of profit, focus on fast work.
  • Poor quality but high price.
  • Must think about the contract for the part that the customer asks for free. Because when talking about asking for additional wages, there will be problems. easily be confused causing the work to be interrupted and delayed
  • When the work is delayed, the cost of labor increases.
  • Delayed work due to inability to reimburse installments, causing wages to consume all profits.
  • Have to talk to the owner of the house a lot about the desired work content. It must be priced a bit higher. Don’t hit the medium because of the risk of loss (find a very detailed job, wages eat up, all profits are gone)
  • Should withdraw the deposit. for easy administration save money first then buy things to do
  • If you buy things first and pay later, there is a problem with the owner. The money house stumbles, for example, the loan is not passed, having to wait 3-4 months, the interest eats all the profits, such as store debt, credit card debt, cash card, informal debt
  • There may be problems escalating until the new job stumbles, there is no money to pay the employees’ wages, causing all the subordinates to resign.

construction and employment problems It can be solved by having a clear design and BOQ.

BOQ or Bill of Quantities is a document showing the average cost of construction used in The process of finding a contractor before constructing the details inside will be the items shown. The amount of work and prices of construction materials that are taken from all house building designs, both from architectural designs and structural engineering. and various system engineering drawings

In addition, the important function of BOQ is to control the planning of purchase and delivery of goods in time. according to the construction schedule as well

The BOQ sheet is the cost sheet that we will discuss.

Construction drawings and BOQ should be the part where homeowners hire architects or engineers who have Experience made and bring this document to procure contractors to calculate the construction cost

Designing, drawing, construction and removal of BOQ. Each contract is worth 10,000 – 30,000 baht.

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