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Immuta, a startup that provides cloud governance and compliance solutions, has received $90 million in Series D funding. The company has received $169 million to date, and this funding will help it expand its market and improve its product. The company has already gained the trust of major players in the cloud industry. The company also talks about the importance of data security, which is something that should be at the forefront of every cloud governance strategy.

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Immuta raises $90 million in Series D funding

Immuta is a Boston-based company that offers cloud data access control and automation. Its platform automates data security, privacy, and compliance across cloud infrastructure. Its growth accelerated during the past fiscal year, and the company has doubled its staff and customer base. The company has raised $90 million in Series D funding to accelerate its product development and expand its global presence.

The new funding will enable Immuta to scale up its sales and marketing efforts and fulfill growing demand for its data access control platform. The company will also use the money to strengthen its strategic partnerships in the cloud data ecosystem. The company has raised $169 million in total, and this round of funding will allow it to continue its growth and expand its offerings.

The company was founded in 2015, and since then, it has expanded its business and customer base by doubling its headcount. Its customers include Aon, Credit Suisse, Daimler, Flatiron, IAG, S&P Global, and others in the financial, health, and consumer technology industries.

Immuta provides an automated data governance platform that is used by data operations and engineering teams to enforce security and privacy policies. It also eliminates the need for manual data management. It can be used on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model. Its automated data governance platform is compatible with Azure Synapse and Snowflake, as well as many popular cloud data management tools.

The company has been growing quickly since its founding in 2015. Its mission is to help organizations transform their data governance process. The company believes that Big Data has created chaos and confusion within enterprises, with no one really knowing what data they have or who owns it. Immuta’s solution offers a centralized workspace for data teams to automate data across their entire cloud infrastructure.

This round of funding comes from a number of investors, including a venture capital firm led by NightDragon Acquisition Corp. (formerly the CEO of McAfee LLC). It also received investment from Snowflake Ventures, the investment arm of a data warehousing vendor. Other previous investors include Dell Technologies Capital, DFJ Growth Management LLC, Intel Capital Corp., Ten Eleven Ventures LLC, and Wipro Ventures Ltd.

Company’s bookings grew by more than 110% this year

Immuta has a dashboard that automates cloud access control. It claims to have built strategic partnerships with leading cloud data technology providers. The company doubled its headcount last year and expanded its customer base. Some of its notable customers include Credit Suisse, Daimler, IAG, S&P Global, Aon, and other financial services, health services, and consumer technology firms giveme5.

It helps data teams manage data policies

Immuta is a cloud-based, enterprise data management platform that removes the complexity and time required to manage data policies. It speeds up data access without sacrificing security and compliance, and helps data teams maximize data utility while remaining compliant with data privacy laws. Immuta enables teams to collaborate and define data policies, including attribute-based data masking and fine-grained security controls. The cloud-based system also allows teams to monitor data access and policy changes and provides insights about the risk profile of sensitive data.

Immuta’s dashboard makes access control across cloud services easy and efficient. It also offers strategic partnerships with leading cloud data technology providers. Immuta is a growing company with record bookings this year, and has nearly doubled its headcount and customer base. Its customers include major companies such as Aon, Credit Suisse, Daimler, Flatiron, IAG, S&P Global, and many others.

Immuta claims to have over 250 employees and plans to double that headcount within 18 months. The company has raised $40 million in series B and C funding. It also recently launched a software-as-a-service deployment. Its product also integrates with on-premises servers and hybrid cloud services. Its software-as-a-service deployment gives users full control over the access and use of data.

Immuta empowers data teams by automating data policies and simplifying the process of managing data. It empowers data teams to make difficult decisions in a simple way. It integrates with a range of other tools, including Alation and Collibra Businessworldfacts.

Immuta’s data governance solution makes it easy to write policies in code or plain language. It integrates with existing tools and streamlines data access approval processes. It helps data teams manage data policies and prove compliance with internal and external regulations.

Immuta’s data security platform supports datacenter, on-premises, and hybrid cloud architectures and automates data discovery. The platform also enables self-service analytics and access control management. It also provides reports on who has accessed data and how it was used Marketbusinessfacts.

Immuta Raised $90M in Series D Funding

Immuta, a cloud-native data governance platform, has just raised $90M in Series D funding. This makes its total funding amount to $169M. The company is focused on automating data access control, privacy, and compliance for organizations. With this latest round of funding, it plans to grow its market and improve its product.

Immuta’s data protection service is a good example of this. The company raised $20 million in series B last year, and plans to raise another $40 million in June. The company will be able to use the funds to further develop its products and provide them with the best possible support.

Immuta’s cloud access management platform allows IT teams to automate data access. Its platform helps data teams manage, discover, and protect sensitive data across the entire data infrastructure. Its software helps reduce data risks and improves the efficiency of data teams Techlogicagte.

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