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The NFL has some of the most popular teams on social media, but which are the most popular? This table will give you an idea. The Denver Broncos have over eight million followers on Facebook alone, and they’re the eighth most popular team in the league overall. The Kansas City Chiefs have over eight million followers on Twitter, and the Las Vegas Raiders have seven million followers. The Los Angeles Chargers have just over four million followers.

The Atlanta Braves are the sixth most popular team on social media, and they’ve recently won the World Series for the first time in 26 years. They have a huge social media following and are ranked among the top 10 teams for the next World Series. The Los Angeles Dodgers, who ended a 32-year drought last season, have also been gaining followers on social media.

In the IPL, the Chennai Super Kings have enjoyed tremendous fan support. They’re led by the renowned MS Dhoni, and are considered among the most popular teams on social media. Although the two teams aren’t the only teams on this list, they’re the only ones from the IPL. Flamengo, a sports club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is also on the list. Its social media accounts have six hundred and nine million engagements.

Another team that hasn’t yet hit one million followers is the Arizona Coyotes. The Arizona Diamondbacks, with just 1.68 million followers, are also struggling. Poor baseball performances have been blamed for the lack of fans for years now, but a team’s social media presence may be a sign of what’s ahead for the next season.

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