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Unlike other tools, Contrast Security Capital combines a deep understanding of software security with a high degree of automation to ensure your applications are secure from both the developer and production environment. It can be deployed on premise or cloud-based, and is designed to protect all types of applications, from mobile clients to web browsers, containers, frameworks, and more.

Detects vulnerabilities across web browsers, mobile clients, containers, frameworks, and more

Detects vulnerabilities across web browsers, mobile clients, containers, frameworks, and more. Snyk is an automated vulnerability detection tool that works across the entire software development lifecycle. It works by detecting and automatically fixing vulnerabilities in open source code and infrastructure. It is also integrated with developer tools and seamlessly weaves security expertise into the existing workflows.

Snyk is used by some of the largest software companies in the world, including Amazon, Google, and Facebook. The company has a cloud-based service that identifies and tests for vulnerabilities, which then alerts website owners and developers to the findings. It also helps prevent black listing by reducing the number of false positives.

Snyk is an automated vulnerability detection solution that detects and automatically fixes vulnerabilities across web browsers, mobile clients, container environments, frameworks, and more. It is available free to open source projects.

Secures applications in development

Using security tools during the application development process helps ensure the safety of your application. These tools can reduce the friction involved in developing software and help you move forward faster.

Using a dynamic application security testing tool, for example, can help you find security vulnerabilities while the application is running. It can also recommend solutions to address these vulnerabilities.

Another way to secure your application is to work with trusted developers and partners. This helps you avoid making mistakes that could lead to unintentional security vulnerabilities. You can also use a secure coding standard to protect your software from security vulnerabilities.

You should also ensure that your applications have correct access models. This allows developers to understand what privileges they have and helps create a transparent development environment.

Extends protection to cloud and on-premise applications

Founded in 2014 by Arshan Dabirsighi and Jeff Williams, Contrast Security is a company that developed app security technologies. The company’s latest endeavor is a serverless application security tool that gives developers the power to protect their code while it’s in production. In addition, Contrast has teamed up with the Linux Foundation to make the company a pillar in the open source community.

Contrast’s flagship product, Contrast Secure, offers a complete security solution, extending protection to cloud and on-premise applications. The product offers two distinct suites, a serverless security offering and a desktop solution, both of which provide a range of security capabilities. Among the features offered are continuous malware detection and vulnerability assessment, as well as a full suite of security policy gates.


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