Contrast Security Announces Strategic Partnerships With VMware and AWS

Whether you’re a current or prospective investor in Contrast Security, the first thing you should do is get a sense of the company’s history. It has been in business for more than a decade, but is still growing at an exponential rate. The company’s global expansion plan has been announced, along with its partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Microsoft, and VMware. These partnerships are vital to establishing a platform for code security. The company also plans to add new features to its current product offerings.

Platform for code security

Choosing a platform for code security is important for businesses. Insecure code can lead to problems in other systems. The executive order has increased the demand for code security. A business can prevent this from happening by reviewing software before it’s purchased. In addition, code security is a critical component of cloud workload protection toonily.

A successful code security strategy is one that embeds security guardrails directly into the developer tools. It must also provide context to application vulnerabilities. This provides security teams with the information they need to make remediation decisions and reduces the number of false positives.

The Contrast Secure Code Platform provides comprehensive serverless application observability for AWS Lambda. It also offers serverless application monitoring, serverless application testing, and serverless application protection.

Contrast’s funding is led by Liberty Strategic Capital, a venture capital firm founded by former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. It also includes investment from Battery Ventures and Warburg Pincus. They contributed over $150 million, with participation from other companies including General Catalyst, Guidepoint, Deloitte, IBM, and Microsoft.

Global expansion plans

Using a proprietary code analysis platform, Contrast Security makes applications safer by identifying vulnerabilities and preventing ad-hoc attacks. In the world of DevSecOps, Contrast is the go-to vendor for next-generation code security solutions. The company has already secured the code of some of the world’s largest companies, including the American Red Cross, DocuSign and BMW. With this funding, Contrast is well positioned to expand its footprint in the cybersecurity space.

The company is led by CEO Alan Naumann, who boasts a hefty $250 million to his credit. Some of the company’s largest VC backers include Acero Capital, Battery Ventures, and AXA Venture Partners. During its early days, Contrast participated in Microsoft’s M-12 fund and even took a shot at the big leagues with its entry into the General Catalyst mega-round. In the grand scheme of things, the company has a total of about $350 million in cash and debt.

Partnerships with AWS, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware

Currently, VMware and Amazon Web Services have a strategic partnership. This allows customers to run VMware software on AWS’ public cloud infrastructure. It also allows organizations to use existing skill sets to migrate to the cloud.

Both VMware and AWS have large customer bases. They are both able to provide clients with a range of proven solutions and services to help them transform their businesses. The partnership also allows for customers to utilize their existing IT assets and skill sets to optimize their business.

The VMware and AWS partnership has expanded in the past year. It includes the release of VMware Cloud Service. This is a cloud service that provides management and automation services, as well as network security services. The service also features Instant Data Center Evacuation.


The two vendors have also announced that they will offer software-as-a-service offerings through AWS Marketplace. This allows organizations to buy VMware software using corporate accounts.

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