Contrast Security Announces $150 Million Investment From Liberty Strategic Capital

Earlier this month, Contrast Security announced that it had received an investment of $150 million from Liberty Strategic Capital, a private equity firm focused on enhancing the security and business performance of enterprise software applications. As a result, the firm plans to expand its business to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

Investment from Liberty Strategic Capital

Founded by former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Liberty Strategic Capital is a private equity fund focused on accelerating growth opportunities in technology, financial services, new forms of content and data privacy. Liberty works with entrepreneurs to develop business plans, build teams and finance companies.

Liberty Strategic Capital’s investment in Satellogic, a satellite earth observation startup, brings the total committed capital for the company to $265 million. The investment will allow Satellogic to build commercial applications and remap the entire surface of the Earth at sub-meter resolution. Satellogic is a company founded in Argentina by Emiliano Kargieman and Gerardo Richarte.

Satellogic is an earth observation startup that provides low-cost, high-resolution imagery. The company recently announced a $5 million share repurchase program. It will also use the capital to develop unprecedented data analytics. Its imagery collection currently sits at 70 centimeters.

Liberty Strategic Capital has recently led late-stage funding rounds in two cybersecurity firms, BlueVoyant and Cybereason. BlueVoyant recently completed a $250 million Series D round.

Platform designed to protect enterprise software applications from within

Increasingly, security professionals are turning to a security platform as the go-to solution for all things security. It offers a comprehensive solution that includes all of the tools and technologies needed to provide the best protection for your applications, networks and data. This type of solution enables your SOC to respond to threats faster, and improves your overall security posture.

Unlike layered security solutions, this type of solution is capable of securing the entire IT stack from a central console. This type of security solution is particularly useful for applications that use containerized microservices. It also reduces the complexity and overhead associated with managing multiple security solutions.

In addition to providing a centralized solution, this type of security solution also provides visibility into your IT environment. The platform is able to detect and remediate threats on a daily basis, even from remote locations. With the right software, this type of solution is capable of trapping ransomware of varying types, and even blocking malicious malware from accessing critical files.

Another product is the Contrast Secure Code Platform, which provides comprehensive serverless application observability for AWS Lambda. It features serverless application testing, code assessment, and serverless application monitoring. The company’s most recent addition is route intelligence, which identifies the most important vulnerabilities to remediate and helps developers detect the most important security threats.

Contrast Security’s partnership with AWS has led to the development of a new product, the AWS Cloud Center of Excellence, which will provide services to AWS customers deploying mission-critical infrastructure. The center will also provide services to customers deploying application modernization projects.


Several multinational companies use the acronym EMEA, or Europe, Middle East, and Africa, to define their business activities in the three regions. However, these regions also differ in terms of culture and laws, making marketing plans for EMEA different from those in other regions. The report explores the key countries in the region and their growth prospects. It also provides an overview of the region’s economic conditions, public gross financing needs, and policy actions.

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