Christmas dinner ideas.

Christmas is upon us. And everyone is scratching their heads over what to cook for their family Christmas dinner. But we have got your back. Here are a few dinner item ideas for your Christmas dinner this year!

Steak with sides

A steak is always a great option for any formal dinner that you’re having at your place. Although it is a bit tricky to cook it – if you get it right, there’s nothing better!

As far as the steaks are concerned, you can cook them to your liking. Use the type of sauce you want etc. Other than that, you can also add a variety of side dishes like mashed potatoes. A great idea would be to involve everyone in the cooking process. Prepare everything in advance and plate the side dishes. And, when the steaks are ready – dive right in before they get cold. 

All these items will combine and make a great meal for your loved ones!

Dinner rolls 

If preparing a spread for your Christmas dinner, try adding a few delicate items like dinner rolls. You can bake the rolls fresh or order them from a restaurant. 

Other than that, try to include a number of dipping and toppings with these dinner rolls. As you prepare the main dish – these dinner rolls will keep your guest busy. 


You may think pasta is not the right choice for Christmas. But let’s be honest- who doesn’t like pasta?

And there are so many options that you can explore for pasta. You can choose to cook heavy cream pasta, red sauce pasta, or simple garlic chili noodles. 

On top of this, you will have some banging leftovers for breakfast the next day if you prepare pasta as your main dish – add different styles of pasta. So, everyone can enjoy what they like rather than ordering takeout after dinner. 

Roasted chicken 

Roasted chicken is also an amazing choice for your Christmas dinner. It will add to the whole vibe of the night as a roasted chicken looks stunning on the table. But roasted chicken will also be a fulfilling meal. 

You can add a few sides to it. For example, fries and mashed potatoes. Other than that, you can cook two different roasted chicken meals. Make one spicy and the other one mild. This way, everyone will enjoy the meal. 

Chicken salad

We all have relatives who are diet conscious. So, you can include a few gut-friendly options in the menu. You can cut up a few vegetables and add them to a bowl with chicken and salad dressing. 

Other than this, you can also add mushrooms or corn to the mix. So that anyone who is having the salad feels full. A great tip would be to lay out all the condiments and ingredients so everyone can add the veggies of their choice. Or, you can hire a waiter to do the job for people (only if you can afford it). 


Christmas dinner is always fun. Everyone gets together to spend time with each other. However, deciding on what to eat is a tricky choice. 

We have made a list for you to choose from. Go over these options and set up a menu for yourself before you go grocery shopping! And don’t forget to get current christmas cards and married christmas cards for dinner as well. Giving a card along with the gift will be a cute gesture that your loved ones will appreciate.

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