Breast surgery that is too big can cause long-term harm.

Breast augmentation surgery is considered one of the cosmetic surgeries. That has been very popular. Especially for women who are small or thin. This group of people may have a relatively small chest size. and create self-confidence when wearing clothes or mothers who have been breastfeeding It may be a problem with sagging breasts. Therefore, breast augmentation is the answer to building confidence for many people as well. It’s also prohibited for women who have a planned pregnancy or are breastfeeding.

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But if the breast augmentation is not correct or does not fit the body shape of the supplement It can cause various headache problems as well. Issues that girls should know first before deciding on the upsizing dilemma for desirable beauty in the long run.

Many people come for breast augmentation surgery. They want a big size Because doing everything must be worthwhile. But according to medical principles It is not recommended to add a size that is too large for our body structure. Because the supplement is too large May look beautiful at first But in the long term, there are many negative consequences and medical complications. For example, the weight of silicone that is too big will weigh down, causing sagging breasts (breast ptosis) in the future or augmentation that is too big. will stimulate the body to create a membrane to wrap around the silicone because hard breasts and breasts are easily deformed in the future to make it look unnatural. There is a chance to feel the edge of the material. or wavy (rippling) easily in the future

“In the past, I have had surgery to correct many patients. breast augmentation that is too large Then the breasts are hard, flabby, unnatural. Therefore, it must be stated that if you want to augment your breasts Should consult a doctor for a detailed measurement before that. our body structure What size silicone is it suitable for? So it will fit the body, be safe, and look natural. done without any complications It can stay with us for a lifetime without any changes in the future.”

A good breast augmentation surgery should take these things into consideration.

  1. Safe surgery No medical complications
  2. Natural shape And the size is suitable for each person’s chest structure. not too big
  3. The appearance of the two breasts is similar (symmetry) and the chest looks closer.
  4. Touch and soft like real breast meat, not hard, can’t feel the edge of the material.
  5. Small surgical wound, smooth, not a convex scar.
  6. The surgery was less painful, less swelling, and quickly returned to normal life.

already know this Anyone who is thinking of breast augmentation should study the information well beforehand. that have any consequences as a result Otherwise, if you have to sit and fix or have problems later.

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