Applying Kumkum to the Forehead

The use of kumkum,  or vermilion is a traditional Indian practice that has been carried on for centuries. It is also used to mark social and religious occasions. It is made from turmeric that has been powdered with a small amount of slaked lime, turning the rich yellow substance into a red color. It is used as an offering to goddesses and is thrown into the air during Holi, a Hindu festival of colours.

Kumkum is a very high conductivity substance that has the ability to energize itself and others by emitting subtle energies. It is a very sensitive substance, so it needs to be applied carefully and at the right time.

Generally, it is recommended to apply the kumkum on the forehead between the eyebrows or any other part of the body that is believed to be an energy point in the brain. This is believed to be a highly sensitive point that allows one to feel the flow of spiritual energy from Deities and other spiritual entities, including angels.

According to the Hindu system of thought, kumkum is applied to this point to activate it and enhance receptivity to the spiritual energies. This is done in the belief that kumkum can attract the Pavitraka of deities (subtle particles of these deities) to its location.

It is said that this spot on the forehead is a raja-tama-dominant energy point that helps to attract and retain positive energies. It is also a point that has been scientifically proven to be associated with the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain, as well as the intuition center or ajna chakra in the brain.

There are many reasons why a woman applies kumkum to the forehead between her eyebrows, including attracting and retaining Divine Shakti. She is also believed to be protected from the harmful energies of negative spirits.

In Hinduism, kumkum is applied after morning ablutions and other snehana activities. It is also a popular item to be worn by Hindu women during ceremonies such as snehana and marriage.

It also protects a widow from the onward journey of her dead husband’s subtle body after his death. It is also believed to assist a woman in attaining God realisation by creating a sense of detachment in her mind.

Besides its benefits in the physical, kumkum is also a very powerful and potent vibrational healing substance for spiritually-minded people. It has the ability to elicit and emit subtle energies from the Pavitraka of the Deities in its vicinity, which is why it is often used during snehana and other devotional activities.

As a result of its potent vibrational healing abilities, kumkum is also used to help heal people who have experienced traumas in their lives. It can be helpful in dealing with grief, depression, stress, or any other emotional crisis.

Using kumkum on the forehead, and by chanting the mantra ‘Om Namaskar’, has been found to be very effective in helping people to deal with emotional issues that have been troubling them for a long time. It has been known to reduce the number of problems in a person’s life, and improve their overall quality of life. It can even help to speed up the healing process in cancer patients, who usually have very slow recovery rates.

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