6 Things To Know Before You Install A Keypad Door Lock

You should know that smart locks, whether with keypads or other more sophisticated systems, are the technology of the future that prioritizes a higher level of security for your property or business. The confidence they provide is superior, and definitely if you are thinking of getting one, you are a smart person who knows how to invest wisely in your home. 

We know that switching from the robust keyed deadbolt systems is a difficult thing to do, but still, the change is necessary and can bring you many positive things. If you’re in doubt, we’re here to guide you through some of the things you might want to know about these systems, six things that might deter you or convince you even more to get one. Ready to make the switch? Let’s get started! 

They’re easy to install 

We know they can be a little intimidating in terms of structure, but we assure you that their installation is very simple compared to other locking systems, so if you’re thinking about getting them but are worried about the length of the installation, forget the fear, it will be simpler than you think. 

There is variety to choose from 

If you are opting for the keypad lock because you don’t know the others, let us open your mind a little more: There are a lot of types of smart locks, from those with a keypad, to those that are a combination of traditional and keypad locks, to those that open through a facial, eye or voice recognition system. 

Extreme security for you

These locks are certified in itself as an accessible security system for homes and businesses, they are internationally certified, although they depend a lot on the person who does the installation, so try to hire someone trained.

They can be combined with other systems

If you want to give much more security to your home, try to install the lock in conjunction with other security systems that help you determine when your home is in danger from a distance, for example, alarms that are activated when someone applies a wrong password or when someone tries to violate the lock. 

Plus, they are configurable, what more could you ask for?

Family Friendly

If you don’t live alone, you can set up different types of codes and give them to your family so that everyone has their own access and doesn’t set off the alarm every day while you’re at work. 

Fulfills its smart function

The smart lock system is so advanced that if you forget to lock the deadbolt when you leave, it will do it for you. Avoid theft by carelessness with this system, ideal if you have forgetful children. 

Although the lock depends mostly on the type of door and life you have, the electric lock with a keypad is a fairly widespread and affordable option. But as mentioned above, always make sure you get informed and have it installed by a professional. That’s the real key to long-term functionality. 

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